San Francisco Airport Receives 6 Refurbished Shuttle Buses from Complete Coach Works

San Francisco Airport Receives 6 Refurbished Shuttle Buses from Complete Coach Works


Alameda, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW) is excited to announce the final delivery of six 40-foot diesel refurbished shuttle buses to the San Francisco Airport (SFO).

CCW was awarded this contract in December 2016. The shuttle buses underwent a complete paint and body makeover that included a new paint scheme and radio system installation. The buses will primarily function to support transportation for construction workers to travel to and from upcoming construction projects and redevelopment of airport terminals. The refurbishment of the SFO shuttle buses will help extend the life of each shuttle bus and make them more reliable.

Aaron Timlick, CCW North General Manager, stated, “It was a privilege working with the San Francisco Airport. We are confident that SFO will be very proud of the outcome of its refurbished shuttle buses.”

San Francisco Airport (SFO) is the largest airport in Northern California and the second busiest in the State of California. SFO is owned and policed by the City and County of San Francisco. SFO’s mission is to provide an exceptional airport in service to our communities.

State of Washington’s Department of Enterprise Services Awards CCW

State of Washington’s Department of Enterprise Services Awards CCW

CCW Awarded Washington Statewide Master Contract 

Riverside, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW) was awarded the Electric Heavy-Duty Vehicles Statewide Master Contract #109214 by the State of Washington’s Department of Enterprise Services. CCW’s Zero Emission Propulsion System (ZEPS) buses will be listed under the Electric Up-Fit Category.

The ZEPS electric drive system allows for the conversion of any pre-owned diesel or CNG bus to an all-electric green transit bus. CCW uses advanced lithium ion battery technology to power the buses. ZEPS is the ultimate standard in sustainability by reusing an existing chassis that agencies are already familiar with. Not only does CCW provide a product that makes for a seamless transition for transit agencies into an electric fleet, the ZEPS product also lessens environmental impact by reducing landfill pollution by nearly 10 tons of raw material per bus. Currently, ZEPS buses are deployed coast to coast and have surpassed the million-mile marker in service.

Washington State takes pride in having the largest hydro plant in the United States. More than 70 percent of the electricity made in Washington State is produced by hydroelectric facilities, therefore creating the perfect environment for the deployment of electric vehicles. By utilizing electric vehicles, the State looks to drive down operating costs while doing its part to reduce its carbon footprint.

Ryne Shetterly, ZEPS Sales Manager, stated, “We are all very honored and excited to provide eco-friendly and reliable transportation solutions to the State of Washington by helping them make that next step toward a greener fleet.”

Gtrans Transit Deployment of Zeps Bus

Gtrans Transit Deployment of Zeps Bus

GTrans Deployment of CCW ZEPS Electric Buses

 Riverside, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW) is honored to have been a part of the GTrans ribbon cutting ceremony, held on May 31, 2017, to commemorate the launch of five re-powered Zero-Emission Propulsion System (ZEPS) battery-electric buses.

Attendees at the ribbon cutting included Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Commissioner of the California Energy Commission Janea Scott, California Assembly Member Jose Medina, Mayor Tasha Cerda and Director of Transportation Ernie Crespo. This project represents CCW’s largest ZEPS deployment in California. CCW partnered with the California Energy Commission, Cal Start, Southern California Regional Transit Training Consortium and GTrans for this project.

“CCW is the leader in repowering transit buses with its ZEPS technology, as the zero-emission buses continue to gain popularity with transit authorities and their ridership. This project is CCW’s largest ZEPS technology deployment in California and is part of our commitment to transportation solutions for zero emission vehicles covering all major groups and mass transit industry needs,” stated Dale Carson, President of CCW.

CCW Delivers Two Buses to the City of Modesto

CCW Delivers Two Buses to the City of Modesto


Riverside, CA. – Complete Coach Works (CCW) is pleased to announce the successful delivery of two refurbished transit buses to the City of Modesto’s Area Express (MAX). The contract consists of the refurbishment of fourteen (14) 35-foot and 40-foot low floor transit buses. Refurbished buses are cost-effective and provide all passengers secure and dependable transportation.

This refurbishment process includes the replacements of the buses’ roof escape hatch ventilators, driver confinements, seats, fender/rear bumpers, steering wheels, windows and doors. Each bus is equipped with two new ADA-compliant Q’Straint integrated wheelchair securement stations, designed and tested for a variety of scooters and chairs. The exterior and interior lights will be replaced with energy-efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights and advanced camera equipment. The cameras will be installed on the front windshield in addition to the interior/exterior windows of the transit buses to provide optimal viewing. The exterior design will be consistent with MAX’s existing fleet.

Kevin O’Brien, General Sales Manager at CCW, says “It has been a great experience working with The City of Modesto. CCW is honored to provide the upgrades and renovation to their buses.”

Delivery of the buses begun the week of March 27, 2017.


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Complete Coach Works (CCW) is the largest U.S. transit bus retrofit and rehabilitation company.  CCW is the leading provider of a vast array of transportation solutions with 30 years of dedicated service in the transportation industry. Regardless of how small or large the job, CCW provides an exceptionally experienced team of more than 350 experts committed to customer service and satisfaction.

Modesto Area Express (MAX) is the primary bus agency for Modesto, a Northern California city with over 200,000 inhabitants. The agency provides regular transit and Dial-a-Ride local services in addition to commuter feeder service to regional rail systems, BART, ACE and Amtrak’s San Joaquin train.


For more information

Please contact Richard Sullivan at (800) 287-7253


Indianapolis International Airport to Purchase Six Zero Emission All-Electric ZEPS Buses

Indianapolis International Airport to Purchase Six Zero Emission All-Electric ZEPS Buses

For Immediate Release
February 15, 2017
Contact: Roscoe Hutchinson
Complete Coach Works
Phone: 800-300-3751

RIVERSIDE, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW) is pleased to announce that it has been chosen as the contractor that will provide the Indianapolis International Airport (IAA) with six Zero-Emission Propulsion System (ZEPS), all-electric 35 foot remanufactured buses. This will be the largest fleet of electric buses at any airport in the United States.

IAA is utilizing a Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) grant from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA.) The grant is designed to reduce emissions from airport-owned vehicles and facilitate use of zero-emissions technologies at airports across the country.

According to Mario Rodriguez, Executive Director of the Indianapolis Airport Authority, “IAA is thrilled to work with Complete Coach Works through this process resulting in our procurement of six all-electric buses to shuttle our visitors from their various parking places to our terminal.  By spring of 2017, with the implementation of these new vehicles, over half our fleet will be electric, significantly lessening our dependence on their diesel predecessors.”

Rodriguez concluded, “Sustainability remains one of the fundamental goals of the IAA; we take great pride in this accomplishment, and hope it sends a clear signal to other airports throughout North America that sustainability and good business practice can often fit hand in hand!”

Ryne Shetterly, ZEPS Sales Manager, expressed his excitement over the collaboration between CCW and IAA, saying “Not only is this great news for Complete Coach Works and the ZEPS program, but by purchasing six rebuilt all-electric buses, IAA is sending a clear message to fleets across the country that they are ready to take the initiative to begin adopting zero-emissions technology. IAA represents the forward-thinking organizations that will be crucial for the industry moving ahead, and CCW is honored to partner with them to help reach their goals while solidifying IAA as a progressive leader in emerging sustainable technology.”

The project is currently in the beginning stages and the buses are scheduled to be delivered to IAA in the third and fourth quarters of 2017.



The Indianapolis Airport Authority owns and operates Indiana’s largest airport system. In addition to the Indianapolis International Airport, its facilities include the Downtown Heliport, Eagle Creek Airpark, Hendricks County Airport, Indianapolis Regional Airport and Metropolitan Airport. IND has received numerous prestigious awards recognizing it as a leader within its class, including best airport in North America for years 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 in Airports Council International’s annual Airport Service Quality awards. It has also been inducted into the ACI Director General’s Roll of Excellence, one of the few U.S. airports to be included in this elite group of worldwide airports. IND has won additional recognition for excellent customer service, concessions programs, and art and architecture. IND generates an annual economic impact in Central Indiana of more than $5.4 billion without relying on state or local taxes to fund its operations. About 10,000 people work at the airport each day. IND serves more than 8.5 million business and leisure travelers each year and averages 143 daily flights, seasonally and year-round, to 46 nonstop destinations. Home of the world’s second-largest FedEx Express operation and the nation’s eighth largest cargo facility, IND is committed to becoming the airport system of choice for both passenger and cargo service. For more information, visit IND’s Facebook page at Indianapolis International Airport and Twitter page at @INDairport.


Complete Coach Works is the largest U.S. bus remanufacturing and rehabilitation company, and the leading provider of a vast array of transportation solutions with over 28 years of dedicated service in the transportation industry. Not only is CCW a pioneer in the business, but continually strives to provide cleaner air through innovative design and engineering, resulting in the world’s first and only remanufactured all-electric battery powered bus. Developed exclusively by CCW, the ZEPS technology was integrated in order to provide customers an affordable route to eco-friendly transportation, potentially revolutionizing the transportation industry while supporting the environment for future generations. Regardless of how small or large the job, CCW provides an exceptionally experienced team of over 350 experts, committed to customer service and satisfaction. For more information about the ZEPS electric bus and other services, please visit

For more information, please contact Ryne Shetterly at 951-684-9585 or e-mail

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