RIVERSIDE, CA, — Complete Coach Works (CCW), the nation’s leading transportation solutions provider, announced today the beginning of deliveries for a five-year contract awarded by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) to perform Mid-Life Overhaul services for a total of 219 coaches. This is the largest single contract that CCW has been awarded in its history.

SFMTA (or Muni) is a vital organization responsible for ensuring the seamless and efficient movement of people throughout the city of San Francisco. The agency oversees the largest transit system in the Bay Area. Muni has a rich history as one of America’s oldest public transit agencies and has grown to become the eighth largest public transit system in the nation. Muni’s buses, trains, and cable cars are integral to San Francisco’s identity, transporting both locals and visitors to their destinations.

To maintain Muni’s fleet in optimal condition, CCW’s Mid-Life Overhaul services will replace or refurbish various systems on its vehicles. With hundreds of thousands of riders relying on Muni every day, ensuring the reliability of each vehicle is critical to Muni’s operation. Muni’s fleet is diverse, including hybrid electric coaches, electric trolley coaches, historic streetcars, light rail vehicles, its world-famous cable cars and Muni’s battery electric pilot bus program launched in 2022. CCW’s expertise will play a vital role in ensuring that Muni’s fleet remains in optimal condition.

CCW will perform the work for this contract primarily at Riverside, CA headquarters with final deliveries managed at its Alameda facility in the Bay Area.
The overhaul work on both 40 ft and 60 ft hybrid electric coaches will include repowering the buses with either new or remanufactured Cummins ISL engines and the hybrid propulsion system.
Additionally, various systems including doors, electrical cabling and electronic equipment, suspension, lines and piping, propulsion, cooling, electrical, and the articulation joint are all part of the work scope for the project.
“We are honored to have been chosen by SFMTA to perform this major overhaul project,” said Brad Carson, CCW’s Chief Operating Officer. “CCW has a long history of performing similar scopes of work for other transit agencies including a previous Midlife Overhaul contract with Muni for 80 buses in 2013. We look forward to working closely with Muni on this new contract.”