The sale or lease of pre-owned transit buses and commuter coaches in the US and Canadian market is unique in that there is typically not a large secondary market like there is in heavy-duty truck, motorcoaches and other commercial equipment.

The reason for this is because transit buses are operated by city transit agencies for twelve years or more and are usually retired thereafter.

However, organizations such as Transit Sales International (TSI) and Shuttle Bus Leasing (SBL) are experts in repurposing transit buses and commuter coaches making them available to customers in the secondary market in the US and Canada.


 What type of vehicles are in inventory?

TSI has an inventory of over 1,000 buses which are securely stored at its facility in Southern California and available for immediate sale or lease.

These buses have been purchased from transit agencies across the United States and are available in all vehicle lengths and propulsion types representing virtually all vehicle OEM brands. TSI is selective in which buses they acquire from transit agencies and focuses on units that are well maintained, typically from the southern tier of the country to minimize frame and corrosion issues.


What is the Vehicle Selection and Make Ready Process?

If a customer has a need for a vehicle to purchase, short-term or long-term lease, TSI or SBL works with the customer to select buses that suit his or her needs from a technical perspective (I.E. OEM, propulsion, length, etc.).

Once buses are identified from the TSI inventory, they are brought to Complete Coach Works (CCW) to begin the make ready process. At a minimum, CCW ensures that all vehicle systems are operational and the bus(es) are DOT ready. CCW applies a new white paint coat to the vehicle(s) to ensure a clean and sparkling exterior.

Depending on customer choice, CCW can also refurbish or update any part of the selected vehicle including powertrain, suspension, interior, seating, etc.


What are the prices of the buses?

Buses are offered for sale by TSI in a standard diesel 40’ configuration starting at $95,000 per unit exclusive of taxes, title and registration and are then scaled higher or lower in price depending on length, propulsion and extent of desired refurbishment beyond TSI’s normal standard as noted above.

Leasing options are available from SBL through a standard 12-month term starting at $5,500 per month (exclusive of taxes, title and registration) for the standard 40’ diesel transit bus. Pricing is then scaled higher or lower, similar to above, for differences in technical configuration and refurbishment level.

Lease pricing can be adjusted for longer or shorter terms as desired by the customer,however, terms shorter than 6 months are typically not considered. Purchase options are available for vehicles under lease during the lease contract and can be negotiated with SBL directly.

All pricing noted above is for delivery F.O.B. Riverside, CA.


Is there a cost for Maintenance, Repairs and Warranties?

For purchases and leases, the buyer is responsible for all repairs. Maintenance leases can also be considered on a case by case basis, however, volumes greater than 20 units need to be considered as well as location and contract term

Warranties are provided for 30 days (parts and labor) following vehicle delivery/pickup as well as a 90 day parts only warranty for a catastrophic failure to the engine, transmission or differential.

Are there any Limitations? What about the “The Fine Print”?

SBL does not have mileage or any other limitations within its lease requirements except for the requirement for leasees to follow the bus manufacturer’s maintenance and service protocols and to utilize OEM new or refurbished parts when possible.

Bottom Line

TSI and SBL make it easy for customers to buy or lease pre-owned transit buses or commuters coaches by providing the industry’s most comprehensive inventory vehicle selection, scaled pricing based on vehicle type, configuration and extent of refurbishment and lease terms to fit contractual or service needs.

Another significant benefit of purchasing or leasing from TSI and SBL is the speed at which vehicles can be made ready for deployment. Typically, for our standard scope of work vehicles can be made ready within 30-60 days.