Bridging the Gap Webinar Q&A

Bridging the Gap Webinar Q&A

Can you say a little more about infrastructure construction? Is it just upgrading vehicles or do you contribute to cables, roads, etc.?

CCW focuses on vehicle upgrades for electrification but does not specialize in infrastructure development for charging station installation.  We can certainly put you in touch with various charging station companies who might assist with the infrastructure side of installation.

How does new CARB emission regulations impact ability to lease buses in California?

SBL and TSI have a large variety of current California compliant buses including CNG, Hybrid and Hydrogen. These vehicles are available for both lease and sale.

What kind of vehicle or operational surprises have the fleet operators discovered after adopting BEVs in their fleets?

The primary issues experienced by fleet operators that have adopted BEVs in their fleets include range, charging time, needed route adjustments and parts pricing.  Range has traditionally been problematic as the range of a BEV is highly variable with load, ambient temperature, weather, state of charge (SOC), etc.  With reduced range vs diesel buses, charging needs to occur both during the day as well as overnight.  This places strain on existing route systems that weren’t designed for these charging opportunities in mind.   Further, although maintenance costs are reduced with BEVs vs diesel buses (when parts are needed such as motors, batteries, etc.) they tend to be very expensive to replace.

What kind of mix have you seen between drivetrain-only vs full re-furb builds?

CCW normally does a 50/50 split when looking at fleet overhauls. Half repower and half midlife refurbs.

Does CCW offer mobile charging solutions to fill the gap with infrastructure deployment lead times?

Currently, CCW does not offer a mobile charging solution for electric vehicles, however we have worked closely with our past customers to integrate electric buses into their fleet and have experience overcoming many challenging situations.

Have you seen any traction on state or federal credit vouchers for re-power upgrades?

There are many funding opportunities available at both the state and federal levels.  Virtually all funding accrues to the operator vs entities such as CCW which are either the OEM or upfitter.  FTA Lo-No grants are a popular avenue for funding zero emission buses.  The California HVIP voucher program is another popular avenue at the state level where CCW is in process of having our ZEPS product qualify for this voucher program.

What does CCW’s national footprint look like to support your products customer deploy?

CCW operates nationwide from a product standpoint and where customer support is needed at specific customers, we can design customized solutions such as having staff on site for a fixed period of time to support the deployment of equipment from CCW.  Alternatively, we would support our product from our headquarters in Riverside, CA and deploy regional field service staff as needed similar to other vehicle OEMs.

How closely does the ZEPs re-power drivetrain compare to OEM BEVs for energy efficiency, range, and other performance parameters?

Our ZEPS drive system has been tested in several head-to-head route tests and are always equally comparable and in a little over half the tests ZEPS is a more efficient drive system.

Does CCW foresee expanding the ZEPs re-powering into other work vehicles (school buses, class 6-8 delivery/box trucks, drayage/port hostlers, etc.)?

Our focus for the ZEPS product has been and will continue to be transit buses.  Given the amount of development and engineering costs we are not currently focused on adapting the ZEPS product to other vehicles.

With CCW’s 10+ years’ experience with battery electric buses, have you started to see second life opportunities for batteries? If so, what does that look like?

Yes, there are a lot of opportunities for second life on batteries that have slightly diminished energy capacity as long as they are handled right and treated properly.

What battery voltage do the drivetrain systems operate at?  Is it customer specified?

ZEPS current battery system has a nominal voltage of 600DCV.

James Carson Promoted to Western Regional Sales Manager for Complete Coach Works

James Carson Promoted to Western Regional Sales Manager for Complete Coach Works

RIVERSIDE, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW), a leading provider of transit and sustainable transportation solutions is pleased to announce the promotion of James Carson to Western Regional Sales Manager for the company, reporting to Patrick Scully CCW’s Chief Commercial Officer effective October 2, 2023.

“This is a natural progression for James since he started his career at CCW in 2014 and has been involved in learning multiple facets of the business”, said Michael Dominici, CCW’s Chief Financial Officer. “James is well versed in both market and customer dynamics as well as the internal technical workings of the company. We are confident that James will continue to grow professionally and be a positive contributor to the company under Pat’s leadership.”

“I am honored and excited to embark on a new journey being a part of CCW’s Sales Team. I look forward to pursuing and building upon the relationships with our existing customers as well as building new relationships with leaders across the bus industry,” said James Carson. 

“I’m excited to have James join the sales team where he will be able to offer fleet transportation solutions to our customers in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii”, said Patrick Scully.  “James is well known in the industry and his professionalism and attention to detail will serve our customers well in the coming weeks and months.

Complete Coach Works (CCW) headquartered in Riverside, CA, is the largest bus remanufacturing and rehabilitation company in the United States, with over 34 years in the transportation industry. A pioneer in the field of alternative fuel and hybrid vehicle technology, CCW has always worked to provide clean vehicles through innovative design and engineering, and it unveiled the world’s first remanufactured all-electric, battery-powered bus in 2012. For jobs of any size, CCW’s team of over 350 experts provide cutting-edge products and exceptional customer service.

In 2021, Complete Coach Works, along with Shuttle Bus Leasing, Transit Sales International and D/T Carson Enterprises, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Carson Capital Corp transitioned to an Employee Stock Ownership Corporation.

Bridging the Gap Webinar

Bridging the Gap Webinar

RIVERSIDE, CA – Complete Coach Works, the nation’s leading provider of transit and sustainable transportation solutions is pleased to announce our upcoming webinar series designed to help you master every aspect of the transportation industry!  Join us for our insightful session, starting on November 9th, 2023 at 9:00am – 10:00am pst.

Save your spot now! [Registration Link]

This webinar will feature industry expert speaker Patrick Scully and Brad Carson. Main topics to be discussed will be Rapid/Temporary Fleet Deployment for:

  • New Bus Deliveries
  • Route Expansion
  • Seasonal Ridership
  • Zero Emission Transition Plans
  • Maintenance Planning

We look forward to seeing you!

Complete Coach Works Adds To and Strengthens Senior Management Team with the Addition of Industry Veteran Patrick Scully as Chief Commercial Officer

Complete Coach Works Adds To and Strengthens Senior Management Team with the Addition of Industry Veteran Patrick Scully as Chief Commercial Officer

July 26, 2023 – RIVERSIDE, CA –Complete Coach Works (CCW), the nation’s leading bus remanufacturer, announced today that effective August 1, 2023, Patrick Scully is appointed as Chief Commercial Officer for the corporation.

“We are ecstatic to have Patrick Scully join our team to lead the Sales and Marketing side of the organization. Having his background, experience and knowledge on our team will allow CCW, Shuttle Bus Leasing and Transit Sales International to continue to grow in the market and continue our history of providing the highest level of service to customer base”, said Dale Carson President of CCW. “We’ve been considering this move for some time and now is the perfect time for this addition to our company”.

Scully will join Bradley Carson (COO) and Michael Dominici (CFO) as the senior leaders of the organization responsible for guiding the organization for the future.

“I have known CCW and the Carson family for over 30 years and its an honor to be able to join a company I have held the utmost respect for in the manner in which they have served and represented themselves in the market”, commented Scully. “I look forward to continuing to develop transportation solutions for the bus and coach market that CCW has exhibited since its inception.”

Complete Coach Works Welcomes Back Jay Raber as Regional Sales Manager

Complete Coach Works Welcomes Back Jay Raber as Regional Sales Manager

RIVERSIDE, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW), the nation’s leading bus remanufacturer, is pleased to announce the return of Jay Raber as its Regional Sales Manager. In this role, Raber will oversee sales activities and drive business development initiatives within the Midwest region.

Raber brings extensive industry knowledge and a wealth of experience to his position at Complete Coach Works. With over 40 years in the transportation sector, he has developed a deep understanding of the market landscape and has built strong relationships with key stakeholders across the industry. Raber’s return to CCW reinforces the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and expanding its market presence.

“We are delighted to welcome Jay Raber back to the CCW team,” said Brad Carson, Chief Operating Officer at CCW. “Jay’s proven track record in sales and his in-depth knowledge of the transportation industry make him the ideal candidate to drive our sales efforts and further our growth objectives. We are confident that Jay’s leadership and strategic vision will play a significant role in expanding our market share and strengthening our position as a leader in transportation solutions.”

During his previous tenure at CCW, Raber played a vital role in driving sales growth and forging strategic partnerships. His ability to understand customer needs and deliver tailored solutions has earned him a reputation for excellence within the industry. In his new role as Regional Sales Manager, Raber will be responsible for identifying new business opportunities, nurturing client relationships, and ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the sales process.

“I am thrilled to rejoin the CCW family and contribute to the company’s continued success and I am excited to be a part of CCW’s dynamic sales team again,” said Raber. ” With CCW’s strong reputation for innovation, my aim is to deliver exceptional value to our customers and exceed their expectations. I look forward to building on our existing relationships and forging new partnerships to drive growth and achieve our sales objectives.”

As CCW’s Regional Sales Manager, Raber will work closely with the sales team, collaborating on sales strategies, and implementing effective business development plans. His extensive experience and industry insights will be instrumental in identifying emerging trends, understanding customer requirements, and positioning CCW as the preferred provider of transportation solutions.