Riverside, CA – Two buses, one a Neoplan 40ft and the other a Neoplan 60ft artic, arrived from San Francisco MUNI in early January to kick-off the journey of a very important 62-bus rehab project. Now, Complete Coach Works is proud to announce that both buses have completed the intense rehab process.  They have passed the transit agency’s rigorous inspection with flying colors, and have been delivered back to San Francisco to be put into service. 
Before arriving, these buses were covered with graffiti and were showing the wear and tear of years of service, however, through the rehab process the interiors were transformed into a fresh and clean look that will help welcome San Francisco MUNI riders.
Each of the 62 buses in the rehab project will receive structural repairs, refurbished operator’s console, new operator’s seat, new 5-position door controller, new flooring, interior anti-graffiti coating, new exterior high luster paint and decals, bright exterior LED lights, new propulsion package, new suspension, rebuilt steering gear box, new exterior surveillance camera, and all LED bright destination signs for outstanding daytime visibility and ensuring ADA compliance.  
Additional items for the 60ft articulated buses include new hydraulic rams, proportioning valves, accumulator, bearings and steering lever and hydraulic hoses. 
The SFMTA’s Muni is one of America’s oldest public transit agencies, the largest in the Bay Area and seventh largest system in the United States. It currently carries more than 200 million riders annually. Operating historic streetcars, modern light rail vehicles, diesel buses, alternative fuel vehicles, electric trolley coaches and the world famous cable cars, Muni’s fleet is among the most diverse in the world. 
Complete Coach Works offers a vast array of solutions for your transportation needs, and for over 25 years we have provided peace of mind to thousands of customers by being their one stop shop. Whether your need is for collision repair, a complete interior rehab, or converting your fleet to alternative fuel or hybrid propulsion systems we have the necessary experience to make each job a success.