Complete Coach Works (CCW) announced the completion of an electric retrofit project awarded by Weber State University (WSU). The project converts their diesel fuel bus into an all-electric Zero-Emission Propulsion System (ZEPS) bus. The transformation included the removal of WSU’s diesel engine power package components and the addition of electric components such as an electric air compressor, power steering pump, and HVAC system.

With the University covering more than 500 acres, the effective management of resources is a top priority. WSU, who converted the lighting in one of their arenas to LED in 2013, can now add the conversion from diesel to a ZEPS bus to their list of environmentally-beneficial accomplishments. “We are very grateful to be part of a historic time for Weber. We hope this conversion will allow the University to further expand their educational programs,” stated Brad Carson, Director of Sales at CCW.

CCW is honored to be a part of WSU’s goal of greater energy efficiency. The ZEPS bus will improve vehicle reliability and significantly reduce fuel costs. These savings will enable the University to allocate more of their budget toward the growth and expansion of its campus.