Complete Coach Works Delivers Four Rehabbed Buses to Santa Cruz Metro

Complete Coach Works Delivers Four Rehabbed Buses to Santa Cruz Metro

RIVERSIDE, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW) announced today it has made the final delivery to Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (Santa Cruz). The contract, which calls for the rehabilitation of four buses, was awarded late last year.

The work on the first two buses included repowering them from ISL engines to Cummins ISL-G Recon engines. The other two buses were repowered from John Deere CNG engines to Cummins ISL-G Recon engines. The new engines are certified and fully equipped with all emission components that meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resource Board emission standards. Additional work for all buses included installment of rebuilt Allison transmissions, new driver seats, reupholstered and repainted passenger inserts, internal/external LED lighting, new electric cooling systems, and complete rebuild of suspensions and axles. The buses were then repainted and decaled to reflect Santa Cruz’s branding.

The rehabilitations are part of Santa Cruz’s mission to enrich the passenger experience by delivering customers’ comfort and safety in a cost-effective manner. Aaron Timlick, Regional Sales Manager at CCW, shares, “It is very important that transit properties keep their buses reliable and in good condition for their passengers. We are appreciative that Santa Cruz has chosen CCW to be the company to help them maintain their high standard. ”Complete Coach Works looks forward to the completion of this project. “We appreciate the trust and confidence Santa Cruz has placed in us,” states Aaron Timlick. “The buses will provide years of dependable service.”

Complete Coach Works (CCW) is the largest U.S. bus remanufacturing and rehabilitation company, and the leading provider of a vast array of transportation solutions with over 30 years of dedicated service in the transportation industry. CCW is a pioneer in the business and strives to continually provide cleaner air through innovative design and engineering, resulting in the world’s first and only remanufactured all-electric battery powered bus. Regardless of how small or large the job, CCW provides an exceptionally experienced team of over 350 experts committed to customer service and satisfaction.

Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (Santa Cruz) was established in 1968. Santa Cruz provides fixed route and Highway 17 commuter service throughout Santa Cruz County, with limited service connecting to Monterey Salinas Transit at its Watsonville Transit Center and Santa Clara County, transporting more than 5 million passenger trips a year. Santa Cruz also operates Paracruz paratransit service to Santa Cruz County service, providing about 72,000 trips per year. Santa Cruz’s operating budget in FY19 was $52 million and was funded through a combination of farebox revenues, sales tax, and state and federal sources. Today it operates a fleet of 98 buses on 26 fixed routes. For more information, visit

Complete Coach Works DBE Goal FY2021

Complete Coach Works DBE Goal FY2021

Complete Coach Works (CCW) has established a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program in accordance with 49 CFR Part 26. For the purpose of this DBE Program, CCW proposes to set its overall goal utilizing all information available to it, including information available in CCW’s area of manufacturing operation and comments received from the public in response to this notice.

CCW has set a goal of 1.00% participation in DOT-assisted contracts FY2021. This proposed goal and its methodology are available for public inspection during regular business hours Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) at CCW’s corporate office located at 1863 Service Court, Riverside, CA 92507 for 30 days following the date of this notice. CCW and the FTA will accept comments on the goal for 45 days from the date of this notice. The goal may be adjusted depending upon comments received.

Comments may be addressed to:
Amber Lindsey, DBE Liaison Officer
Complete Coach Works
1863 Service Court
Riverside, CA 92507
Phone: (951) 684-9585

Complete Coach Works (CCW) is actively pursuing experienced DBE firms who are interested in participating in transit bus rebuilding operations at its headquarters in Riverside, California. DBE opportunities include, but are not limited to, a range of goods and services for the remanufacture, rehabilitation, and retrofit of heavy-duty transit buses.

Jim Paul Appointed to the Board of The Oregon Transit Association

Jim Paul Appointed to the Board of The Oregon Transit Association

RIVERSIDE, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW) is pleased to announce that its Regional Sales Manager, Jim Paul, has been appointed to the board of directors of The Oregon Transit Association.   Following a unanimous vote by the OTA Board, Jim became a representative of private, for-profit members on behalf of Complete Coach Works.

According to the Bylaws of The Oregon Transit Association, transportation is a vital public service that provides many economic, social, and environmental benefits. A wide variety of organizations deliver accessible transportation services to Oregon’s residents and visitors, thereby creating mobility in different, but effective ways. The purpose of the Association is to assist members in the development and improvement of efficient, safe, and convenient transportation services.

“CCW is proud The Oregon Transit Association has appointed Jim as one of its members to serve on its board. Jim is an excellent sales representative and outstanding individual. With his experience, we know Jim will make a great contribution to the board,” states Brad Carson, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Jim joined the CCW team in 2016 with over 40 years of direct sales experience. He is well-versed in direct sales of commercial fleets and its intricacies throughout the United States. During his tenure, he has developed the Northwest/Midwest territory by creating awareness of CCW’s turnkey solutions.

Jim is well-recognized for exceptional sales achievements. He has a proven record of facilitating long-term business relationships with both customers and industry leaders. His strong winning attitude and personality are assets that complement and enhance CCW’s ability to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

Jim Paul states, “I am proud to receive this appointment and to have the opportunity to participate and contribute to Oregon Transit’s future growth”.

CCW looks forward to the future of the Association and its overall impact on the transportation industry!

Complete Coach Works Announces New Website Launch for Zero Emission Propulsion System (ZEPS)

Complete Coach Works Announces New Website Launch for Zero Emission Propulsion System (ZEPS)

RIVERSIDE, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW) is pleased to announce it has launched a newly redesigned website for its ZEPS all-electric drive system – The website is positioned to be a leading source for sustainable, economical solutions available for transit agencies looking to start an electric fleet.

The website represents the next chapter in CCW’s industry-leading technologies. ZEPS is CCW’s exclusive system developed by taking an existing low floor diesel transit bus and repowering the bus into a battery all-electric unit. The resulting ZEPS bus delivers to agencies a significantly longer operating range while maintaining battery life.

The ZEPS site is designed to increase awareness of sustainable transportation and enforce CCW’s green initiatives. “The new website reinforces CCW’s brand strategy that focuses on its commitment to its customers and dedication to improving the well-being of the environment at an affordable cost,” states Brad Carson, Director of Sales and Marketing.

The redesign makes it easier for customers to access the information they need on the process of remanufacturing and enhances CCW’s ability to connect ZEPS with the industry through its digital channels. “Digitalization is transforming all industries and we want our site to offer a clean, modern, and sleek design,” added Kallie Arevalo, Marketing Manager at CCW.

Electric vehicles are revolutionizing the transportation industry. Today, more than 50 ZEPS buses are deployed in service across the nation. ZEPS is a proven technology that has been tested for more than 4 million miles of revenue service. “We are excited to participate in the revolution of the transit fleet market and assist numerous transit agencies in their pursuit of reducing environmental impacts,” added Kallie. Through this launch, the ZEPS brand will deliver consistent, relevant news, and resources customers can use daily.

Complete Coach Works Wins Award to Rehab Four Buses for Santa Cruz Metro

Complete Coach Works Wins Award to Rehab Four Buses for Santa Cruz Metro

RIVERSIDE, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW) announced today it has been awarded a contract by Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (Santa Cruz) to rehab four New Flyer buses.

The rehabilitations are designed to enrich the passenger experience by delivering customers comfort and safety. The project will give new life to the buses for about half the cost of a new vehicle. The rehab process incudes the repair of structural, mechanical, and cosmetic issues of the buses. Aaron Timlick, Regional Sales Manager, states, “The buses will provide the agency reliability and maintain its bus fleet in a state of good repair.”

The work includes repowering the buses with Cummins ISL-G Recon engines, as well as installing rebuilt Allison transmissions. Additional work includes new driver seats, internal/external LED lighting, and new floors. The buses will then be repainted and decaled to reflect Santa Cruz’s branding.

Complete Coach Works is proud to partner with Santa Cruz on this project. Aaron adds, “This project will increase service to Santa Cruz’s customers and provide operational savings while being kind to the environment.” CCW looks forward to the success of this project and is confident the outcome will prove gratifying.

Shuttle Bus Leasing Launches New Website

Shuttle Bus Leasing Launches New Website

RIVERSIDE, CA – Shuttle Bus Leasing (SBL) announced it has gone live with a completely redesigned and rebranded website at The website is expected to provide users a clean, simple design that incorporates improved functionality and enhanced content. In addition to improved design features, updated content throughout the site provides expanded information on SBL’s company history, core values, and capabilities.

Created with the user experience in mind, the website design uses the latest technology, making it compatible with today’s browsers and mobile devices. Drop-down menus for both mobile and desktop versions are available, and the improved structure of the content is impactful. “With the new website, we are taking the opportunity to strengthen and modernize how we represent our company and promote the industry to customers in which we operate,” states Brad Carson, Director of Sales and Marketing.

SBL is an affiliated company of Complete Coach Works and Transit Sales International. It’s the third website to be launched this year. “Our marketing department has worked hard to construct a website tailored to our customers wants, needs, and expectations. We are excited to provide our customers better access to information about our company,” states Brad.

SBL is more than just a bus leasing company. It’s a transportation solution provider with a support network that is dedicated to making customers’ operations a success. SBL’s new website will be regularly updated with product information, industry knowledge, innovations, events, and news. Visitors are encouraged to explore the new website and sign up for the company’s e-newsletter to stay up to date on future press releases, and key announcements.