RIVERSIDE, CA – Complete Coach Works (CCW) is pleased to announce that its Regional Sales Manager, Jim Paul, has been appointed to the board of directors of The Oregon Transit Association.   Following a unanimous vote by the OTA Board, Jim became a representative of private, for-profit members on behalf of Complete Coach Works.

According to the Bylaws of The Oregon Transit Association, transportation is a vital public service that provides many economic, social, and environmental benefits. A wide variety of organizations deliver accessible transportation services to Oregon’s residents and visitors, thereby creating mobility in different, but effective ways. The purpose of the Association is to assist members in the development and improvement of efficient, safe, and convenient transportation services.

“CCW is proud The Oregon Transit Association has appointed Jim as one of its members to serve on its board. Jim is an excellent sales representative and outstanding individual. With his experience, we know Jim will make a great contribution to the board,” states Brad Carson, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Jim joined the CCW team in 2016 with over 40 years of direct sales experience. He is well-versed in direct sales of commercial fleets and its intricacies throughout the United States. During his tenure, he has developed the Northwest/Midwest territory by creating awareness of CCW’s turnkey solutions.

Jim is well-recognized for exceptional sales achievements. He has a proven record of facilitating long-term business relationships with both customers and industry leaders. His strong winning attitude and personality are assets that complement and enhance CCW’s ability to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

Jim Paul states, “I am proud to receive this appointment and to have the opportunity to participate and contribute to Oregon Transit’s future growth”.

CCW looks forward to the future of the Association and its overall impact on the transportation industry!