Riverside, CA – Complete Coach Works has been providing rail rehab and accident repair work for many years now with recent contracts to install wheelchair lifts in San Diego’s Red Trolley, perform numerous accident repair work for LACMTA’s Metrolink, as well as providing interior rehab work for AMTRAK. Until now all of this work has been performed at the customers facility, but that is about to change. In considering the various elements to do rail work onsite, the most important item was rail spurs to accommodate the cars on property.

This Challenge was recently conquered with the design of “portable” spurs that can be put in place when rail cars are on-site, but also quickly and efficiently removed and stored when the space is required for traditional buses.

A special thanks to Marco Campos, Ronald Masterfield, Kenneth McCown, and Cesar Medrano whose hard work and long hours ensured that the portable spurs would be ready on time. Thanks also to Amos Perez, Pascual Flores Garcia, Anthony Harper, Luis Lozano, and Joseph Roldan Jr. who worked together as a seamless team to assemble the pieces and fabricate our portable spurs which are now in work area 5 and made it possible for us to bring in two San Francisco MUNI Light Rail Vehicles which are now in the process of having their accident damage repaired. Thanks to this hard working group of people we have embarked on yet another exciting chapter of Complete Coach Works’ history.