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Hybrid Propulsion Systems

Using a hybrid electric drive system for heavy duty vehicles is increasingly becoming financially attractive and technologically feasible option. Complete Coach Works has worked with various hybrid drive train manufacturers to integrate hybrid propulsion systems into transit buses and heavy duty trucks. Currently there are various hybrid drive train solutions from different manufacturers available to choose from to modernize your fleet.

There are two kinds of hybrid systems currently available, parallel hybrid systems (similar to Toyota Prius) and series hybrid systems (Similar to Chevy Volt). Please see simple block diagram of series hybrid system below.

As the cost of gasoline and diesel keeps increasing, fleets are looking for alternatives. The hybrid drive system provides a good mix of lower operating costs and lower green-house gas emissions. With diesel cost around $4 per gallon, the payback period of hybrid vehicles has reduced significantly. Re-powering your current diesel powered vehicle, instead of buying a new hybrid vehicle, reduces the payback period even further. Having larger batteries for the EV-only mode increases the upfront cost of the vehicle, but it provides additional reduction on the fuel expenses. Complete Coach Works will help you to design a system that works best for your needs. Based on vehicle driving pattern and daily mileage, we will propose the system with best return on investment and reducing maximum amount of emissions.

The reduction in emissions is an added advantage of hybrid drive systems. Argonne National Laboratory’s GREET 1.8 Fleet Carbon Footprint Calculator shows that conventional diesel powered heavy duty van emits 171 short tons of Co2 while covering 150,000 miles per year. But similar vehicle with the hybrid drive-train will only emit 139 short tons. This provides a potential to significantly reduce Greenhouse-gas emissions. The hybrid drive system allows the vehicle to reduce the engine idling time and reduce PM emissions caused due to it. Electrical power assist reduces the load on the engine during the vehicle acceleration. The hybrid drive system also enables regenerative energy capture which helps in improving vehicle MPG.

Complete Coach Works has extensive experience of integrating hybrid drive systems in transit buses and heavy duty vehicles. We have worked with various system manufacturers to retrofit hybrid drive systems for customers in transit industry and heavy duty transportation industry. If you are interested in using the hybrid drive system in your fleet then please contact us. We will provide complete cost benefit analysis and carbon footprint projections for your fleet.  Our experts will also guide you in selecting the right technology and providing turnkey solution for modernization of your fleet.

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