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Complete Coach Works, headquartered in Riverside, CA, is the largest transit bus repower and retrofitting company in the United States.

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ST Louis Metro

7 Complete Refurbishment of 40ft low-floor Gillig buses

ST Louis, MO


5-year Mid-Life Overhaul contract for 219 coaches, marking CCW’s largest contract to date.

San Fancisco, CA


5 remanufactured bus purchase through the Oregon statewide contract.

Yamhill, OR

Industries Served


CCW provides reliable and efficient transit solutions for campus transportation needs, ensuring students, faculty, and staff can travel conveniently and safely across campus.


CCW specializes in remanufacturing and refurbishing buses and coaches, extending their lifespan and enhancing performance.


CCW partners with municipal and federal agencies to modernize and optimize public transit fleets, improving mobility and reducing environmental impact.


CCW offers customized buses and coaches to enhance the passenger experience for tours, events, and sightseeing, providing comfort and reliability for travelers.


CCW offers specialized vehicles for ground transportation, shuttle services, and airport operations, ensuring seamless connectivity and efficiency for passengers and staff.


CCW offers solutions to cleaner and more sustainable waste management practices in urban and suburban areas.

Blog Posts

To buy or lease? That is the Question

The sale or lease of pre-owned transit buses and commuter coaches in the US and Canadian market is unique in that there is typically not a large secondary market like there is in heavy-duty truck, motorcoaches and other commercial equipment. The reason for this is...

“The delivery of these vehicles allows us to transition to larger heavy-duty transit vehicles at quicker than anticipated pace. This transition is critical for us to consistently provide good transit access through the urbanized areas of Josephine and Jackson County.”

Scott Chancey, Transit Manager at Josephine Community Transit

"CARTA is looking forward to working with CCW to provide refurbished vehicles for our fixed route service. These vehicles will be like brand new and are a cost effective, efficient way to replace some of the older diesel vehicles in our fleet.”

Lisa Maragnano, CARTA’s Executive Director

"Operating a refurbish bus reflects the district's commitment to sustainability and to responsibly steward the tax dollars it receives from the community"

Aurora Jackson, Lane Transit’s General Manager

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