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ZEPS Electric Bus

ZEPS Electric Bus

Electric vehicles are revolutionizing the transportation industry and CCW wants to extend the revolution into the transit fleet market. We have launched an all-electric transit bus called the ZEPS Bus (Zero Emission Propulsion System) which is a remanufactured transit bus saving customers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our ZEPS bus will provide a viable alternative to fossil fuels and will help in reducing America’s dependence on the foreign oil.  It will also reduce fuel and maintenance costs of a bus operator.

The brief technical specifications as follows:

Motor Specifications

Motor Power (kW)

150 Peak / 90 Continuous

Motor Power (HP)

201 Peak/ 120 Continuous

Torque (N-m)

2300 Peak / 650 Continuous

Motor RPM

3600 /1380


460Kg / 1015 Lbs

Battery Specifications

Battery Chemistry

Lithium ion

Battery pack capacity

213 kWh / 242 kWh


Cell level voltage and temp monitoring

Charging Station

Input Voltage

3 Phase 480 V

Input Current



Can Bus Communication

Human Machine Interface

8 Inch Large color touch screen

Bus Performance Expectations

Charge time (0 to 100%)

4 to 6 Hrs

Tested range

85 miles (137 kms)/ 115 miles (185 kms)


Emissions Reduction Projections

According to Argonne National Laboratory’s GREET 1.8 fleet carbon footprint calculator, which calculates green-house gas emissions for vehicles, we have determined the amount of emissions reduced using our ZEPS drive powered bus. Refer to the table below for comparison of emissions using different fuels and same number of miles driven per year. We have assumed 50,000 miles per year.

Bus Type

On road petroleum use (in bbl.)

GHG emission (Short ton)




Diesel Hybrid









Electric with Renewable energy




From the comparison table it is evident that all-electric transit buses provide a significant emission reduction potential. All-electric buses coupled with 100% renewable energy generation can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 204 Short Ton per bus per year. This is an equivalent to removing more than thirty polluting cars off our roads. According to American Public Transit Association (APTA), use by a solo commuter switching his/her commute from a private vehicle can reduce CO2 emissions by 20 pounds per day—more than 4,800 pounds (2.4 Short Ton) in a year. In addition to the reduction in CO2 emission by utilizing public transportation there is also a emission savings due to the all-electric drive system.

Complete Coach Work’s approach of re-manufacturing transit buses using all-electric propulsion system helps reduce carbon emissions due to activities involved in manufacturing a new bus, helps in waste reduction, and is significantly less than purchasing a new bus.

Fuel and Maintenance Cost Saving

Our analysis shows that ZEPS can save $330,000 over 7 year period on the fuel and maintenance cost as compared to diesel buses. Using Environmental Protection Agency’s MPG equivalent formula, we estimate that the ZEPS bus will achieve MPGe of 16.04. This is four times more efficient than conventional diesel operated buses. More efficiency will lead to cost savings on fuel and maintenance. Additional benefits such as lower maintenance cost, elimination of oil change, oil filter change cost, longer brake pad life and elimination of waste disposal cost add significant savings to the bus operator. Another major advantage of using all-electric drive train is the predictability of the fuel expenses. Please refer to the chart below developed by the Edison Electric Institute comparing the price of gasoline and gallon equivalent of electricity. It is evident that switching to electric propulsion system will provide assistance in planning for fuel expenses and better utilization of the funds.

Gas vs electricity price comparison

Gas vs electricity price comparison

Click on the link below to view the time lapse video of manufacturing of Zero Emission Propulsion System bus.

Time lapse video of ZEPS Bus

All benefits of re-manufactured all-electric transit bus makes a compelling case for a switch. We are confident that Zero Emission Propulsion System (ZEPS) powered all-electric bus will help achieve emission reduction and sustainability goals of all transit and fleet operators across North America.

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